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powerful election management features

VOTENET offers election coordinators a rich set of features and modules that make running elections easier and faster than ever.

  • Personalized Voting Web Site Create your own personalized, secure online voting site where your voters can vote online or participate in surveys
  • Simultaneous Elections purchase and run several elections at one time in one place.
  • Automated Results Tabulation eliminates human error and election fraud
  • Expanded Election Management System allows you to control virtually every aspect of the election; select ballot fonts and colors, preset election start and end dates, and add your organization's logo to your voting site
  • Voter List Manager upload voter lists, create voter lists from scratch and make changes to voter profiles and pass codes
  • Election Results Dashboard provides real-time results and time and date stamps for each vote
  • Election Results Publisher voters can login immediately after the polls close to view the results
  • Customizable Ballots ballot rules, choices and start/end times designed to your specifications
  • Candidate Biographies include photos, platform, experience and other categories; fully customizable
  • Issue and Candidate Voting Options run surveys or traditional candidate-based elections
  • Write-in Vote Options enable voters to add a write-in candidate
  • Customer Support Portal - access user guides, frequently asked questions, HTML tutorials and customer service contact information; available 24/7
  • Multiple Vote Security prevents voters from voting more than once.
  • 128-bit SSL Security protects voter data and votes from tampering
  • Compliance/Error Checking automatically error-checks ballots and notifies voters of mistakes; ensures ballots comply with election rules and are submitted correctly
  • 24/7 Access manage your elections in real-time anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring and Redundancy ensures your election will be up and running at all times